How do I add a new vehicle for Recurrent Reports?

Looking to add another monthly report vehicle or get a new one-time report?

Did you get a new EV, or want to run another one-time report on a vehicle? It's easy to do so!

Log in to your Recurrent dashboard (we will reset your password if you've forgotten it) to begin. 

When you look at your dashboard, you should see overview info for any vehicles that you have gotten a report for. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a button for "new report" (with a red box and arrow below). 


To add a new vehicle or get a new report, simply click this button. It will take you to the beginning of the report process:

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 4.31.02 PM1. Click the "I own or lease" or "looking to buy" option.

2. Enter the VIN or license plate of your vehicle.
3. Click next on the page confirming the vehicle and then choose the monthly report or one-time report option.
For monthly reports:
4. Enter your ZIP and click connect.
5. This page will take you to the manufacturer login page to enter your connected service credentials for your vehicle's manufacturer.
If you are not taken to the manufacturer login page, you may need to try this process from Step 1 after clearing your cache and cookies, OR, by starting the process in an Incognito/Private window in Chrome/Safari.

Remember - if you ever run into any issues, just reach out to us via!