How do I sign my car up?

Step 1 - Create Account

Go to to start. This is where you will enter some info to create an account. 

We use this information to create a profile for you so that you will always be able to access your vehicle reports.

Step 2 - Do You Already Have a Car?

Recurrent reports can be useful if you already have a car or you’re just starting to look for one. If you don’t have a car already, though, you won’t be able to sign up for monthly reports.

Step 3 - Find Your Car

There are two ways we can identify your vehicle: 

  1. Using your VIN
  2. Using your license plate

Enter either piece of information so we can figure out what car you’re driving.

Step 4 - Select The Report You Would Like

The majority of our users opt for the monthly report! Some cars, however, will only be eligible for one type of report. If that is the case, then only the option for the report that your car is eligible for will be shown.

Step 5 - Enter ZIP Code and Connect to Smartcar

First, input the ZIP code where you will store your car. This is important for monitoring the temperatures that your car is exposed to. If you are not located in the US, please join our waitlist and we will let you know when we support your location. 


Step 6  - Connect to Smartcar

Next, you will go through the process to connect with our partner, Smartcar. We use Smartcar to gather data from your vehicle  (You can read more on how we use your data here). When you click the “Connect” button, you will be directed to Smartcar’s sign-in page, where they will ask you for a username and password associated with your vehicle’s connected services account. For example, if you drive a Tesla, enter the username and password for your Tesla account. Other examples of connected services include Onstar (for Chevrolet), NissanConnect (for Nissan), and FordPass (for Ford). 

Different manufacturers have different connected service subscription requirements to connect 3rd party apps like Recurrent. Those subscription requirements, as well as a full list of supported manufacturers' connected services, can be found on our list of eligible vehicles

If you don’t have a connected service account, you may be able to sign up for one through your car manufacturer’s website or vehicle app, and then come back here to finish the process!

Step 7 - You’re all set!

From here, you can view your dashboard which contains all the information on your car! At this point, your initial dashboard view will only be preliminary - more information will appear as you drive and we collect data from your car. Keep an eye out for our monthly emails that keep you in the loop on dashboard updates!