How does terrain affect range?

Here is how terrain and driving conditions affect your range

Everyone likes a visual, so we include a map to show your current project range from your location. Note that some limitations to the mapping software may underestimate your vehicle’s range if it is above 300 miles. The map illustrates one-way range and you can change the location by changing the ZIP. 


There are two ways that terrain and environment can influence your range:

  1. City vs. highway driving - unlike in a gas car, an EV is much more efficient in city driving than on the highway. In part, this is due to regenerative braking, which recharges your battery with energy when you brake. It is also a side effect of the natural efficiency of EVs. Because an electric motor is so much more efficient than a combustion engine, things like air resistance have a bigger effect on the overall vehicle efficiency. Any increase in speed increases the air resistance exponentially.
  2. Hilly terrain - driving up hills will lower your efficiency, and hence you will see a lower range estimate. Luckily, efficiency will be recouped going downhill, and you may pick up some extra range from regenerative braking