How much does my EV save?

Whatever your reason for driving electric, you will save money and drive cleaner than in an ICE

If you're looking to save on carbon emissions by driving electric, you're not alone. That and cost savings are some of the biggest factors that EV drivers cite. 

We use data from to calculate the lifetime emissions savings from your car, based on your odometer. 

We will continue to improve this information, factoring in your specific vehicle's efficiency and the way local electricity is generated. We also plan to include your monthly gas savings in dollars, based on average prices in your state. 

We're a small team so it will take some time to implement these changes, but stay tuned and let us know what you think:

**For those of you wondering if EVs are still cleaner, even if your electricity is generated by fossil fuels: YES! They are more than 2x more efficient than gas cars and reduce local air pollution. A groundbreaking study in Nature in 2020 concludes: "electric cars are less emission intensive than fossil-fuel-based alternatives in 53 world regions, representing 95% of the global transport demand." In the US, EVs generally produce 60-68% less emissions than gas cars. You can check your local energy mix on