What is the Recurrent Valuation?

Curious how good a deal that EV really is? Let us help you!

The Recurrent Valuation is a tool that gives you insight about an EV you may want to purchase. It uses the valuation expertise of Black Book and Recurrent's proprietary Range Score to create the first EV-specific vehicle valuation that adjusts the value of the vehicle based on its range health.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 3.29.29 PM

All you need to get started is some basic information about the car - you don't even need to have physical access to it:

1. VIN or license plate

2. Vehicle trim

3. Odometer

4. Vehicle location zip code

5. Car condition (excellent, good, fair, poor)

The Recurrent Valuation will tell you basic facts about the vehicle, as well as Recurrent-specific data such as the Range Score, current expected range, and expected range when new.

To protect you from using information that may no longer be valid, the valuation expires after 30 days. You can always quickly and easily create a new one with the latest information, if you need to re-evaluate a car.