What do Charging Insights tell me?

Charging Insights

Recurrent connects to your vehicle to record data points a few times a day (usually three). Whenever we connect, we collect data on the current State of Charge % (SOC) reading of the battery. A great way to keep your EV battery healthy over the long-term is to set its target charge level to no more than you need for your typical daily drive. We recommend keeping the battery within a 30-80% SOC window when you can. Charging to 100% for a longer drive when needed is fine, but consider limiting the time your vehicle spends out of this target zone. The reason for this recommendation is that your long term battery health is related to your depth of discharge, or how much of your battery capacity you use between charges. For instance, it is considered better for your battery to go from 70% charge to 40% charge twice than to go from 70% to 10% once. Moreover, having your battery near 100% or 0% charge can accelerate degradation, so it is best to limit how long that happens. 

In this module, the green band represents the 30-80% state of charge band that Recurrent suggests, and the blue dots represent your observed state of charge at the moment that Recurrent checks it. Charging above 80% or discharging below 30% is ok, but if you are storing your vehicle for a while or do not need the full battery range, try to make sure the charge is within this middle zone.