What does the Range Insights section mean?

Range Insights

This module shows one-way range for your vehicle on a full charge. For the temperature dependent estimates, wider bars represent more uncertainty. The range estimate is determined by your vehicle’s long-term battery health as well as the driving conditions for that trip (temperature, terrain). Our range projections are specific to this vehicle's battery and personalized to your region's typical temperature and terrain, insofar as your vehicle’s on-board range estimates reflect this data.


All of the data points that we use to make this prediction come from your vehicle and vehicles in similar model classes. This means that for now, we have no *direct* knowledge of modifications such as tires, battery upgrades, or road conditions.  We are working on improvements to reflect your vehicle’s specific efficiencies and will be rolling them out soon. 

In the case of Teslas, the range you see on your dashboard is either “rated” or “ideal” depending on your settings. Neither of these ranges vary with temperature, road conditions, or changes in your driving style - they are programmed with a constant driving efficiency that Tesla’s software specifies. While the real battery is impacted by these external influences, and thus the achievable range does change based on conditions, you will not see this reflected on the Tesla dashboard, nor in our Recurrent range estimates. Our estimates are of the “rated” range for your vehicle.  We are working on methods to ground-truth actual Tesla range to compare with the on-board estimates.