What is the "Range in 3 Years" Module?

Here's what the "Range in 3 Years" module tells you

This module shows a projected range for your vehicle on a full charge in three years. It is meant to capture the effects of aging and use on your battery, and hence your range. As a reminder, all lithium ion batteries degrade with time, regardless of use. The way a car is driven, charged, and stored can add to the baseline degradation. We give a maximum and minimum range projection to capture reasonable levels of uncertainty.  


The three year projection assumes that you continue to drive this car in a manner relatively consistent with how it has been used. If you were to start racing your car, or towing cattle, the three year range projection would no longer apply. Similarly, if you were to relocate the car to a vastly different climate, the range projection may change. 

All of the data points that we use to make this prediction come from your vehicle and vehicles in similar model classes. This means that for now, we have no *direct* knowledge of modifications such as tires, battery upgrades, or road conditions, but these modifications will affect the range predictions we get from your car.  We are working on improvements to reflect your vehicle’s specific efficiencies and will be rolling them out soon.